CrossTown Walks

This particular section highlights our beginning; our middle, our reflections on being involved in the community; and the end, which is where we’re going next.

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We’ve been asking others to take pictures where they can see CrossTown serving the city of Las Cruces. Find these pictures and more on our Instagram feed and our hashtag: #crosstownwalks.

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Finding Our Feet: Our Beginning Steps

“CrossTown began in the success of a citywide event known as the Convoy of Hope.  This particular community organization required behind-the-scenes work between churches across the region of Las Cruces.  But the big question hanging over everyone’s head was, “How will it work?  How will churches, of different denominations and opinions, work together to obtain good for a city they all love?”  Here, CrossTown stepped up to the call…”  Click here to read more.

Walking.  Thinking.  Serving: Stories 

CT Paints“By Grace, today I fast from the lie that my calling isn’t great enough because God isn’t calling for people great in skills, schooling, or spotlights — He’s calling those simply great in community, in confession, in communion, in courage, great in Christ.  Today I will do ordinary things with extraordinarily great love…” Click here to read more.

Chasing the Vision: Looking Forward

“We are working to support Las Cruces’ annual Kids Kindness Day this August 1, 2015.

“CrossTown is currently collaborating with local and national ministries to prepare for Las Cruces’ second Convoy of Hope, coming April 30, 2016…”  Click here to read more.


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