There are multiple ways to take part in our community

Volunteer | Take part in local ministries as we make connections with our churches and nonprofit organizations here in Las Cruces.

What’s happening in your community?

Pray | Join us in seeking the peace and prosperity of Las Cruces through invitation of the Lord’s presence.

Individuals meet once a week on Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM, in the University Presbyterian Church sanctuary, to pray for Las Cruces.

Subscribe to our Newsletter | To receive updates of our activities, click here.

Donate | Consider supporting us financially.  There is always opportunity for CrossTown to give as the Lord provides.

We have given to local citywide events (like The Gathering conference), pastors in need (think start-up churches, or smaller congregations), schools (club sponsorship for student leaders), and other events (like a local church’s community service project).

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