About Us


One Church, called to One Hope, loyal to One Lord, to work and connect the people of our city seeking His help.


CrossTown organizes, invites and joins all — who share the vision — to be part of the work the Spirit has called us to do; creating a better Las Cruces through unity and serving in the name of Christ Jesus.

CrossTown seeks to identify the needs of the people of Las Cruces, then connects individuals and congregations in our city to collectively meet those needs.  Together, we can be the catalyst for organizing the city’s congregations: the challenger to every partner to lift up Jesus in his mercy, justice and compassion.

Staff and Support

The Boss

John Pickett | Executive Director

John Pickett is a retired pastor and has continued his service to God’s harvest through a new adventure: CrossTown.

Taylene Jacko | Networking

Taylene is an experienced teacher and community developer. She is developing Reading & Bible clubs in 35 elementary schools.

Victor Jacko | Director of Housing

Victor is an experienced counselor working within our prisons and teaching those returning to our communities.

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