Keynote Speakers


The Rev. Dr. Randy and Mrs. Nabors

The Rev. Randy Nabors is a Pastor of over 35 years, a USAR Chaplain with the rank of Colonel, a Church Planter of a dynamic multicultural Church in Chattanooga, TN.  He is the head of Mission to North America Mercy and Justice ministries and the author of two books on the ministry.  He is great friend to Las Cruces and we are excited to have with us again.

Joan Nabors was the lead Alto of the New City Choir under the direction of James Ward.  She has minister in Song and the Word of God in Kenya and all throughout the USA. She is a mother, grandmother and wise woman who has kept Mr. Nabors feet on the ground for many years.


The Rev. Adam Viramontes

The Rev. Adam Viramontes is the Pastor of Mosaic Church in Albuquerque NM.  This dynamic multicultural New Mexican Church is a leading voice in how to plant and grow churches in the Southwest.  His heart for Mercy and Justice as a primary means of reaching those caught in the darkness of this world and bringing them into the church is born out of his love of the Word of God and his Lord Jesus Christ.  We are delighted that he could join us for this conference.

Eunice Mendoza


Eunice Mendoza is the full time Christian Social Worker for New City Fellowship, East Lake,  a congregation in one of the poorest areas of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Her ministry over the years has brought many to Christ and helped those in the neighborhoods transition out of poverty, immigration and into the Church. 

Ms. Mendoza was born in Acapulco Mexico where she was a member of a thriving Presbyterian Church.  She has her degree in Social Work and is herself a citizen of this country who made all the transitions into the Life promised us.

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