The Story

Developing a Community of Churches

CrossTown began in the success of a citywide event known as the Convoy of Hope.  This particular community organization required behind-the-scenes work between churches across the region of Las Cruces.  But the big question hanging over everyone’s head was, “How will it work?  How will churches, of different denominations and opinions, work together to obtain good for a city they all love?”  Here, CrossTown stepped up to the call — by providing a platform for other churches to unify and experience the joy and power of multi-denominations working for one purpose.

0001 Karen Bailey COH 2013

Our various events spark creative ideas and the development of Christ as love in action. We seek to rebuild and establish relationships among Christians. We desire to bring improvement to our community, its families, marriages and individuals.  Together, we have been motivated to pursue the righteousness of the Lord to establish favor with our city and its inhabitants.  CrossTown became a rallying point that day, for all congregations.  But we don’t want to stop there — we’ve realized that, without an entity like CrossTown, unity would be harder to obtain.  So we move forward.

CrossTown is the catalyst for organizing the city’s congregations: the challenger to every partner to lift up Jesus in his mercy, justice and compassion.

Will you join us?

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