Welcome to Crosstown

Church Resources | Citywide Service 

Our heart and soul is to help our community; to care for the fatherless and the family, give a hand up to the single parent, share life with the incarcerated, and show hospitality to the stranger in our community. This is the heart of Jesus in his people.

The mission is very simple .

Organize the 80-90 Christian and Catholic churches of Las Cruces into a force of love. We are a great under-utilized asset in this community. Together, we have the resources that could change many lives.
E-League, with enough volunteers, could reach all the children in our 32 elementary schools who want to read better.
Dress a Mid-Higher will clothe 200 middle school students and 400 Elementary students with your sponsorship and hands-on help in shopping.
Soles for Souls, with your help, will put shoes on 2000 kids in the spring. You buy the shoes and put them on the children’s feet, and we help you do it.
Welcome the prisoner home with respect and the help to get a new identity and a new life.

Crosstown is a nonprofit 501c (3) Christian organization serving the city of Las Cruces in Southern New Mexico.


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