Wholeness Came In Pain

I am not surprised that so many of you felt my sorrow at losing Tessa from the daily operations of CrossTown.  She brought a special compassion and godly wisdom to this work as was evident in her writing and work ethic. I am thankful that she will stay with the board for the time being and help us through this transition.

The amazing part of this narrative is that Tessa came to this work in an act of divine mystery.  When she was at NMSU, in the RUF work, I never met her; but one day she arrived with RUF at my house for dinner and the rest is the nexus of CrossTown.   Now, I must continue this mystery revealed in a King who knows me well.  In my moment of grief, into my petulant sullenness, the LORD delivered two gifts.

“Open both hands, I have something to fill them that will bless you.”  Into the right hand he put a graduate of Covenant College’s Community Development Degree with five years of life experience.  Into the left he laid a skilled, bold woman whose compassion is limitless due to her life challenges.  The first was waiting to be asked, the second came and asked to be a part of this work. I was in a stunned, in awe at what had just happened.  The CrossTown board was overjoyed.  I just felt like crying… I am such a doubter!  These tears are the enchantment of a Kinsman Redeemer who breaks into my life with goodness.  Thank You, Jesus!

Next week we will introduce one of our staff members. Can’t wait? Sign up for our newsletter and read about him now!


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